Do You Own a DSLR? Get Off Auto! Starting With Aperature Priority.

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​The first step to becoming a better photographer is to get off Auto mode. It is your safety net but you never improve if you don't expand your horizons. I will say that I shoot fully manual and determine all my settings based off of the image I want to capture and the conditions I am facing. BUT, this took time, a lot of time, and I am still working on improving. So my next few blog entries will be about the most basic elements of understanding your camera settings, the exposure triangle. The three elements are:

The best way to better understand each element is to practice with each one. We will start with Aperture which is adjusted to control the amount of light reaching the image sensor. In combination with variation of shutter speed, the aperture size will regulate the image sensor's degree of exposure to light. Typically, a larger aperture will require a fast shutter a to ensure sufficient light exposure, and a smaller aperture will require a slow shutter to avoid excessive exposure.

If you look at the 3 images I took above (click to enlarge) I set the aperture and ISO (more on ISO in another post) and the camera determined the shutter speed. As you will hear in one video that is one downfall to Aperture Priority mode, you have to closely watch the shutter speed your camera is selecting as it may be too slow to get sharp images unless you use a tripod (which I used in the example). So set your camera to Aperture Priority, watch the couple quick videos below and start shooting!

The two videos below will go into more depth on aperture and using the Aperture Priority mode on your camera and are only 6-7 minutes each. Just know I love the humor of Gavin and Phillip and if you don't see it then blame it on the Irish in me :)

Aperture Priority mode (and how it works) with Gavin Hoey

Aperture Priority with Phillip McCordall




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